Carlos, California, 20, misanthropic, solipsistic, confident, Henry Rollins is one of my biggest inspirations in life, reading and writing, I'm into the type of music that sounds good, I believe in God but not in humanity, a dog person, PS3, understanding, reasonable and open minded. Live long and strong! \m/
p.s: If your blog doesn't look similar to mine, there's a high chance I won't follow you.
c0unterparks: I think you have an amazing blog, you should keep up the perfect edits and everything, dude

Hey, thanks Matt! Your blog is pretty sweet as well man! Stay awesome \m/

Anonymous: Hi! In your ftw gif, the song title is "change of a lifetime" The song is actually called "chance of. Lifetime!" I just wanted to let you know, but props to you for making the gif!

Well, what matters is that the link to the video is right and the band’s name as well haha but thanks anon! I guess I got mixed up with the lyrics and the title. Btw, it is “Chance of a Lifetime” idk where you got the period.

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For The Win // Chance of A Lifetime (video)
For people who like Neck Deep and A Day To Remember, check these guys out.
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I’m So Fly
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Structures by jimmybravenboerpictures on Flickr.
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Chris “CJ” McMahon (Thy Art is Murder)
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i miss getting party bags at the end of parties why dont we still do that party bags were the best part of the party

It was like a reward for being sociable

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Black Hole bending light.
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Rivers of Nihil by ABORT MAGAZINE on Flickr.
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Suicide Silence by Lykke Nielsen photography on Flickr.
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V de Vendetta Fredy Exotic Tattoo
Javier Narco Fuentes 
una señora sesion